River Thames


This stretch of The Thames, north east of Lechlade, is nearly two miles long.  A popular stretch holding Chub, Bream, Roach, Perch, Pike, Dace and there have also been reports of the odd Barbel.  This stretch of the river can be busy during the summer months with boat traffic but if you can survive them the fishing can be excellent.


Parking is in layby. Fishing is Kempsford side bank downstream. Upstream lefthand bank is three fields up to ditch on the North bank. Upstream right hand bank is approximately 500 yards on the southern bank.

Rushey and Upper Rushy

Rushey stretch is on the southern bank, west of the bridge next to the “The Trout” pub and runs up to the Rushey Lock.  The Upper Rush carries on up stream from the Lock


Fishing from Inglesham Church on both sides of the river to St John’s Lock.