Rule changes for 2024/5 Season

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Due to nitrate levels that have been creeping up over a number of years. It has become necessary to remove certain baits from the lakes that has been going in, in unprecedented amounts. We have had to hire in a weed clearing boat, at great cost to the club, which in turn takes funds away from other important issues.
Having feed back from staff and other anglers, on the amount of particles that are being used, it has been deemed necessary to put a ban in place.
As there is no way to police the amounts that go in, the only answer is a complete ban on particles and nuts.

We understand it will upset a few anglers to start but we are sure the more mature audience will see this as the right thing to do for the welfare of the fish stocks.

As of 1st April NO Particles or Nuts, with the exception to Sweetcorn, Hemp and Tares, will be allowed on any SCAC waters.

Whilst we are on rules can we remind anglers that the NO braid on day ticket waters means hooklinks as well as mainlines.

The surface fishing and fly fishing ban will stay in force on the day ticket lakes for the foreseeable future.

Thank you all for your understanding.


SCAC Committee.